Our Mission


We need to rethink our planet one organization at a time. 

We believe that sustainable competitive advantage does not come by accident. 

Only organizations that reinvent the workplace today will be able to mobilize human resources tomorrow. 

Prepared Mind has introduced Total Workplace Innovation™ as an integral method for organization renewal. 

We want to propel organizations into the future and accelerate the renewal of our economy. 

What is Total Workplace Innovation?


We believe that real change happens by combining participation and co-creation with the design of organizations and the design of smart workspaces. That’s how our approach takes the full systemic complexity of organizations into account. 

‘TWIN’ points to the twin concepts of sustainable organization performance and the creation of work that is truly ‘workable’. But also to our double design focus: workplaces (organizations) and workspaces (the office infrastructure). 

Organization Design

First and foremost, Prepared Mind is a design consultancy. We build and remodel organizations and ecosystems. Our scope goes way beyond drawing a new org chart though. The method we use has deep roots in systems theory and the sociotechnical design theory. This also means that our approach is as integral as possible, combining the close interconnection of structure, culture, people and technical systems. 

In essence, we design (networks of) organizations that are intrinsically flexible, fundamentally built around clients and less complex than the bureaucratic structures that still dominate organizational life today. 

Participative Change

Complex change programs put a lot of strain on people and organizations. Getting everybody on board from the get go is therefore crucial. We put a lot of effort in the inspiration and alignment of management and leadership teams at the start of a project. Without their full and unquestionable support, it is going to be nearly impossible to mobilize others in the organization. 

As important is the rest of the organization though: too often management spends months finding agreement, then pushes through a change program in a matter of weeks. That’s why we think co-creation is not just a trendy buzzword. In our field we are well-known for our interactive workshops and our work with large groups. We aspire to never deliver a standard workshop and always produce an experience that is anything but boring, building on years of experience with techniques borrowed from Future Search, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space and other Whole Scale Change methods. We have often managed to more effectively mobilize organizations by bringing 150 people together for a 2-day workshop rather than spending 6 months with a small and specialized design team. 

Workspace Design

While the design of new forms of collaboration and self-organizing teams remains our core focus, we often help clients design office concepts that are a good fit for these new 21st century organization models. New World of Work projects have become very popular in our part of the world. And most of these have resulted in interior designs that are beautiful to the eye. But our ambition goes beyond the functional or the picturesque office. This is where we link design concepts between the collaboration infrastructure of people and departments and the complementary office infrastructure. Only then do workspaces become an effective means for the mobilization of human resources. 

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