Organization Design Masterclass (September 2019)

Building Organizations as Amazing as the People within Them
Insights and practical tools to start reinventing your organization

Date: last week of September 2019 – Bucharest (Romania)
Audience: business leaders and change agents who want to learn how to design an agile and results-oriented organization

More details to be announced soon!

If you are a business leader or change agent, you are facing a multitude of challenges in a world that is changing at breakneck speed. In today’s climate, traditional recipes to optimize and reorganize companies have reached their limits. This 8-hour workshop will equip you with new insights and practical tools to start reinventing your organization.

We will provide plenty of inspiring real-world models and examples to better deal with modern-day complexity through better organization design. And we’ll share tons of proven methods and principles as you start working hands-on with your personal challenges.

You can pre-register here. Please note there is an early-bird discount of 15% if you register before June 15th.

Local contact info: (+36 70 285 28 21)

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