Benny Corvers

Benny Corvers is an experienced strategic advisor, speaker and people manager with a track record in strategy, organization design, large-scale change and workplace transformation. He is at his best guiding and aligning management teams and groups of employee representatives in participative decision making workshops that are fun, inspiring and productive.

Before he co-founded Prepared Mind, he worked and travelled internationally as a consultant and manager, then became a member of the senior management team at Getronics BeLux from 2007 to 2012, where he was the instigator and driver of the NWOW transformation program (2010-2011) as the head of marketing and consulting services. He started the New World of Work Alliance in 2009, and got everybody to talk about new ways of working long before it became a badly copied hype.

Benny studied theoretical and computational linguistics at the K.U.Leuven and holds an MBA in international management from Vlerick Leuven Ghent Business School. He also managed to get a postgraduate degree in Typograhpy & Graphic Arts, and became an officially certified Senior Advisor with Flanders Synergy, topping off his enduring love for the theories of Ulbo De Sitter and the science of Sociotechnical Systems Thinking.

He loves his family, his work (a lot! ;-), his baritone saxophone, typography, books, good food and perfect music. His colleagues like to make fun of his complete ignorance when it comes to popular music and the fact that he prides himself on never ever listening to or seeing any advertising on radio or TV: with his single-minded attention to jazz and classical music it is sometimes said that he only needs one button on his radio – the one that says “Klara” …

Luckily these quirks and minor snobberies do not prevent him from being very approachable and friendly, as you might expect from anyone who was born and raised in the province of Limburg …

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